Jane Badler Thrills With Her UK Debut Solo Album

Forever full of surprises, the bold and talented Jane Badler has enchanted audiences once again, this time with a thrilling new music album. Inspired by 80’s dark wave and synth pop and laid beneath a jazz vibe, the aptly named “Opus” is the culmination of a decades-long career. Badler’s masterful lyrics craft tales of betrayal and revenge, as well as hope and sexual empowerment. Moving melodies glide seamlessly alongside Ms. Badler’s sultry vocals, creating a twisted, soulful and syncopated musical love affair.

Jane Badler is quite familiar with the spotlight, beginning her acting career at the age of 5. Jane is, of course, most recognized for her role as Diana The Lizard Queen in the 1980s cult sci-fi series “V”, as well as the 2011 reboot under the same title. Her impressive career stems back through some of the most beloved Hollywood B films and soap operas of the late 1970s and 1980s. Most recently she has further established herself as an accomplished singer and songwriter, working alongside industry stalwarts like Paul Grabowsky and Mark Saunders.

As the follow-up to her works with Melbourne-based band “Sir,” Jane Badler approached “Opus” by joining forces with Grammy Award winning producer Jeff Bova, who is famous for his work with international pop icons such as Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, and Cyndi Lauper. The album released September 15th on Me Jane Records via JTV Digital. Speaking on the songwriting experience, Jane says, “I had just finished two albums as the muse for a writer when I decided to write my own album. My record company at the time suggested I try a covers album. Being the rebel I Am started the long foolhardy journey of writing an album.”

In true rebel fashion, don’t expect “Opus” to be the last we hear from Jane Badler. A tour is already in the works, with dates slated for London and Paris.

All pictures reproduced courtesy of Jane Badler

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