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I Love You Phillip Morris is about Steven Jay Russell (Jim Carrey), a man who works as a police officer in Virginia who is dissatisfied with his life, including being married to a woman when he is in fact gay, and who searches constantly for his biological mother. He actually does locate her, and she turns him away, leaving him even worse off.

One day, after a car accident, he decides to leave it all behind and embrace who he really is. After moving to Miami and falling in love with a man, he takes to being a con man to keep up a luxurious lifestyle, but is eventually caught. In prison, he meets Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor), and falls in love for the second time.

After being released from prison, Steven poses as Phillips’ lawyer and helps to get him released. Soon after, he’s caught pulling yet another con. After being caught, both Steven and Phillips land in jail again. Once in jail, Phillip decides to not speak to Steven for months, until he hears that Steven is dying of AIDS, resulting in a teary reunion. Phillips is later told that Steven has died, only to find out that it was one more elaborate ruse on the part of Steven, who then promises to never lie to him again. He decides to pull one last con to get Phillips out of jail, but is caught himself, and is shown to still be hoping for the day that they can be together again.

I Love You Phillip Morris




“Think Catch Me If You Can mashed up with Brokeback Mountain if Mel Brooks directed and you’ll get the idea.”
   Tampa Bay Times

“Less of a comedy than a hilarious tragedy, I Love You Phillip Morris stars Jim Carrey in his most complicated comedic role since “The Cable Guy.”

“One of the funniest films of the year, this is a wonderful mix of old-school Carrey outrageousness with a genuinely touching – and very modern – love story.”

Did You Know?

I Love You Phillip Morris is based on a true story, and the real Phillip Morris even appears in a cameo as Steven’s lawyer in one scene. Minor difficulties attended the production and release of this film, including a lack of interest from distributors in the United States. While filming the project, one intimate scene in prison was not allowed to be filmed there due to its explicit content. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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