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Aaron “Cabal” Boone (Craig Sheffer) has been seeing his psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip K. Decker (David Cronenberg), for quite some time. Although it is unclear what mental illness he is dealing with, Boone constantly has nightmares of an area called Midian where all kinds of monsters dwell. At his next therapy session, the youngster is informed that he is guilty of the vicious murder of almost a dozen people. Upon hearing this, Boone is not so much dismayed as he is perplexed and in complete disbelief of Decker’s claims, as he has no recollection of ever having killed anyone.

After being convinced by his doctor that he is, in fact, a cold-blooded murderer, Boone wants to turn himself to the officers of the law. However, the thought of being prosecuted for the crime is jarring, and the man seems drawn to the idea of suicide, leaving behind his loving girlfriend, Lori Winston (Anne Bobby). Eventually, he ends up in a hospital after a car crash and meets the mentally deranged Narcisse (Hugh Ross). The latter confidently speaks to him of Midian, a mythical city which harbors the monsters known as the Nightbreed. Alas, Boone has one last hope of avoiding incrimination – travelling to Midian and finding shelter there.





“The strength of creator Clive Barker’s work in written fiction is the way it conveys the idea that there is something mysterious and ancient underneath the everyday world.”
  A Lifetime In Dark Rooms

“For one thing, it’s the most-faithful adaptation of Barker’s work since Hellraiser. No small task, since Cabal‘s a far more complex story, with multiple, constantly shifting POVs on top of its attempt to “humanize” monsters and examine the underlying monstrosity of so-called “normal” humans.”
  And You Thought It Was Safe?

Nightbreed remains one of the best horror/fantasy flicks out there. It is supremely entertaining and unlike anything horror/fantasy fan will ever see. The film proves why Barker is the best horror writer around.”
   Bloody Disgusting

Did You Know?

Midian has a Biblical reference – it was the sacred land where Moses lived for forty years during his willing exile. It is also the location where the prophet sees God and is told to liberate the Israelites. The director himself describes the Nightbreed movie as “a massive compromise”, as the companies and sponsors he worked with in producing the film drastically changed the storyline and its execution. According to Clive Barker, he only continued the project because he had invested too much of his passion and love into it to simply walk away. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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