Three In A Bed, Gay Essential Talks To Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

“Since I was 5, I’ve been obsessed with film,” states the surprisingly relaxed director, Lloyd Eyre-Morgan.  Surprising, because Eyre-Morgan is already in the middle of casting for his next film, his fourth in just three years.  “I used the VCR long before I could talk,” he remembers. “It’s a passion I can’t seem to get rid of.”

While the VCR has gone the way of the dinosaurs, the film industry is as robust as ever, with a growing niche for gay themed films.  Educated at UCLA, Lloyd Eyre-Morgan returned to England, Manchester to be exact, to film his latest release, Three In A Bed.

Three In A Bed

“The Manchester film community is quite interesting here,” Eyre-Morgan points out.  “We help each other create films.  We solve problems without money.  It’s a real nice filmmaking family here.”

Three In A Bed is a romantic comedy starring Brennan Reece and Darren Bransford.  The film tells the story of a musician named Nate (Reece), whose two sisters come crashing into his life, right at a time when he’s discovering his own sexuality and falling in love with his neighbor, Jonny (Bransford).  One sister pregnant, the other going through an ugly break-up, Nate feels he has no time for himself despite whatever he may be feeling personally.

“The idea developed between writer Neil Ely and myself,” states Eyre-Morgan.  “We wrote three scenes each – Neil would write three, then I would write three.  It was interesting writing this way because I never wrote anything together with someone before.  I think it worked out pretty nicely though.”

Lloyd Eyre-Morgan goes on to point out that most audiences might not be able to tell who wrote which scene.  It’s quite an impressive feat for a writing duo working on their first script together.

“We followed the rom-com ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ formula, and it was very important to have a happy ending for Nate.  We wanted it to be funny and we wanted Nate to feel comfortable and give him hope – things will be OK, and they are OK for him.”

Calling on the filmmaking family Eyre-Morgan discovered in Manchester, Three In A Bed was produced professionally and on a tight budget.

“Jody Latham, who plays Jase in the film, financed much of it.  Neil Ely financed it, and I put some money in, but this was definitely a very low-budget project,” remembers the director.  “We even used Airbnb for the apartment scenes.  It’s not a request they were used to, but they were really great about letting us do it.”

Sometimes even the smallest investments will pay off big, too.  Hot on the heels of the UK and US releases of Three In A Bed this March, Eyre-Morgan already has a couple more projects in play.  He recently completed production on an LGBT comedy drama series, to be released this coming summer, and is currently working on his first fully funded film.

“It’s in casting now, but I can’t say too much about it because I want it to be done first,” the director jokes.

If it’s anything like his past work, we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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