BearCity 3, Gay Essential Talks To Douglas Langway

BearCity began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

“I went and saw Star Wars in 1977 and I immediately knew I wanted to be a filmmaker,” recalls Douglas Langway, the mastermind behind the BearCity movie franchise.

Fast forward to the present and self-proclaimed geek and writer is happily at work on his third movie, BearCity 3.  The film is the 3rd and final installment of Douglas Langway’s film series, which humorously reveals the secret life of bears…and not the ursine variety.

BearCity 3

“It’s my trilogy,” Langway exclaims.  “It started as a way of getting to tell the story of the bears.  In the first film, Tyler is a regular cool kid, hiding his interest in an older Santa Claus type of guy.  You then meet all these people, all these bears, and the world opens up for him.  So Tyler discovers these men and learns how to navigate the world in a way that’s really hot, sexy, and fun!”

The BearCity films are very loosely based on the popular television series, Sex and the City.  Borrowing from this storytelling format, Douglas Langway crafts a story about a group of gay men, each searching for love and finding it within gay bear culture.  A lover of all things “bear” himself, Douglas Langway often found writing the BearCity story to be second nature, no pun intended.

“I had written it for a friend; in essence I wrote what I knew,” says Langway.  “You know, it’s hard enough when you come out, especially to your family.  Then it’s kind of OK when your mom’s like, ‘well, guys like Brad Pitt are kind of cute.’  But then you go on to explain that you’re attracted to something a little more like John Goodman, and that’s the real shocker.  Moms don’t always understand that, so you almost have to come out twice to be a bear.”

In 2012, Langway released his second film, BearCity 2.  The film followed the same cast of characters from the first film, and added a few new faces.

“For BearCity 2 I was so happy that we got Kathy Najimy involved,” says Langway.  “The chemistry with the whole cast came naturally.  The concept behind the script was simple: they could do whatever they want.  And that’s how we became a family.  BearCity wasn’t a family at the beginning, but we became a family together.”

Langway goes on to explain, “In the second film we explore an express that love that they discovered [in BearCity].  BearCity was all about discovering love.  BearCity 2 was all about proclaiming love…”

And the third film?

BearCity 3 is about raising, bringing up that love,” Langway explains.  “We pick up BearCity 3 eight and a half months into a pregnancy.  It’s about leaving a legacy, and realizing your perspective is worthy of giving to a child.  Just like straight people.”

BearCity 3 is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, using indiegogo as the springboard for ambitious production plans, such as including a real live bear in the filming…the ursine variety.

“Crowdfunding is interesting,” Langway offers.  “I started with the first film when I realized I just needed some finishing funds.  Then it was just as wonderful the second time around, where we earned twice as much.  It’s still tough and I max out all of my credit cards every time.  We’re not creating high-end generic features or low-end documentaries.  We’re all somewhere in the middle – which is why filmmakers like us need crowdfunding.”

Recognizing the challenges of raising funds for an independent film with a very niche following, Langway and his team got very creative with the crowdfunding campaign for BearCity 3.  Supporters of the film can earn a variety of special “thank-yous” from Langway, including the opportunity to post their photos and videos in the closing credits.  Each fan photo or mini-movie will be on screen for approximately 10 seconds during the rolling credits.

“I wanted to do something special, especially since this is the last one,” Langway says.  “It’s about a 10 second credit roll, but it’ll be really nice seeing all of those pictures and videos from real people up there.”

Seeking $200,000 to complete the film, Langway is looking forward to production later this summer, and spending his winter in the editing suite in advance of the 2016 film festival circuit next spring.  Noticeably passionate about his work, Langway acknowledge the bittersweet feeling of bringing his trilogy to a close.

“It’s a part of all our lives,” he explains. “The way this one ends is…it’s just wonderful.”

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All pictures reproduced courtesy of Douglas Langway

Dave Croyle

Dave Croyle

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