I Love You Both, Gay Essential Talks To Doug Archibald

Sometimes a winning combination can make all the difference.  Just like blue jeans and t-shirts.  R2-D2 and C-3PO.  Or the occasional Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels.  So, when Actor/Producer/Writer Doug Archibald began work on his directorial debut, it was no surprise where he looked to find a writing partner and co-star.

I Love You Both (working title at time of interview was Quarter-Life Crisis) is a comedic and semi-autobiographical drama about a twin brother and sister pairing who are forced to confront the fact that their lives are far too intertwined with one another.  Realizing this, the twins attempt to move on with their own lives, and each starts dating a new guy.  However, they soon discover they are both, in fact, dating the very same guy in a bizarre love triangle.

I Love You Both

A story hitting close to home, Doug Archibald teamed up on the project with none other than his very own sister and closest friend, Kristin Archibald.  In 2008, Doug left his hometown of St. Louis for the sun-drenched and film-friendly city of Los Angeles.  Pursuing both a degree and a passion, Doug and Kristin began working on their screenplay that very same year.  “We actually started writing the movie over the phone,” recalls Doug.  “It’s a very challenging way to try and do something like this.”

Following a curious storyline, the script placed the brother-sister writing team in an ideal position to deliver their trademark humor.  “We set out from the beginning delivering something hilarious on every page, but still hit you with something real.  Some real feelings,” says Doug.

As the project evolved, the Archibald siblings found themselves getting swept up in their dream.  “Here’s my sister, “ Doug remembers, “she’s working all day, then gets on the phone all night with me to write our movie.  When that happens, you’re something like ‘ok, is this going to be for real? Because I’m investing so much of my own free time in it!’”  Deciding it was indeed real, Kristin soon moved to LA to work with Doug on a more regular basis.  “We decided to play the leads in the film too.  It made sense to do so on this project.”

With a completed screenplay, locations secured, and the backing of a producer, Doug and Kristin Archibald turned to popular crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, in order to fund their project.  With a goal of $70,000, the siblings are eager to start production.  “It’s so much work, but so very rewarding too,” states Doug.  “It’s humbling to see so many strangers and friends alike get behind this project.”

The right kind of friends too.  On January 2nd, the Archibald siblings received word that their script was selected as a semi-finalist in the Sundance Film Festival’s Table Read My Script Competition, placing I Love You Both among the top 10% of entries worldwide.

“It’s a unique movie,” Doug points out.  “Our goal is to reach a larger audience, not just LGBT.  We’re making room for other stories about gay characters.”

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