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Danny in the Sky follows Danny, the son of a top model who died of an overdose (Stéphanie Aubrey) and a gay father who pretends to be straight as he struggles to raise his son alone (Eric Cabana.) Danny’s father is cold and unaffectionate, and Danny craves praise and attention. He’s also extremely good-looking, and starts pursuing a career in modelling like his mother to fill his need for admiration. His father strongly disapproves, though, so Danny keeps his new career secret. He soon finds himself so driven to be successful that he drugs the drink of a fellow competitor, his cousin Jonathan (Daniel Lortie), in order to win a modelling competition.

When Danny’s father finds out about Danny’s secret career he’s furious. Danny then happens to run into an old friend, Greg (Jessie Beaulieu), who is now working as a dancer at a gay-oriented strip club. Danny takes a job there too, and finally performs in a porn film. On the set of the porn film, though, he meets Karine (Véronique Jenkins), a voyeuristic photographer with whom he soon becomes involved. His father, meanwhile, finally starts to admit his homosexuality. He goes to the strip club where Danny is working and buys a lap dance in order to talk to him, but then decides to sleep with Danny’s friend, an action that alienates them forever. In the end, though, Danny does start to pull his life around, go back to school, and move on with a better understanding of himself.

Danny in the Sky


“Director Denis Langlois has given the project an almost impossibly glossy sheen”
   Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Canada can pump out the camp classics with the best of them.”
Derek Tse, Toronto Sun

“Danny in the Sky offers a lotta eye candy.”
Sarah Liss, NOW (Toronto)

Did You Know?

The director, Denis Langlois, chose to make Danny in the Sky because he was interested in the way that modern society and media simultaneously value male beauty, but also label it as homosexual or feminine. It was produced by the small studio Castor & Pollux Productions and released throughout Canada, as well as playing at numerous gay film festivals for several years after its release. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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