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In BearCity 2: The Proposal the original cast from BearCity is reunited for the next chapter of their story.  Enjoying a blossoming relationship at a time when New York State is legalizing gay marriage, Roger decides to take the next step in his relationship with Tyler.  He proposes to Tyler over a homemade dinner.  While reluctant at first, Tyler agrees to marry Roger and they round up their motley band of bears to celebrate the engagement and plan a wedding during Bear Week in Provincetown.

Arriving in Provincetown, the gang stays with Brent’s mother Rose (played by Kathy Najimy) and prepares for an unforgettable week of bear activities.  However, Tyler and Roger’s love story begins to falter when Roger runs into Nate, a former lover.  Nate wants to spend some time with Roger, and agrees to host his bachelor party before the wedding.  Tyler, meanwhile, is being pursued by Big Dan, a jovial bear visiting Provincetown.

As the wedding day nears, Tyler and Roger are both having second thoughts.  Roger is beginning to rekindle his relationship with Nate and Tyler wonders if Roger is right for him, yet both men love each other so much that they will not cheat.  Finally at the altar, Roger speaks up during the vows and, with heavy heart, tells Tyler that they can’t be married.  Tyler feels the same way.  However, not one to spoil a good wedding, Fred takes the opportunity to finally propose to Brent, offering Brent his own father’s wedding ring, courtesy of Brent’s mother.

BearCity2: The Proposal




“Queer as Folk without the abs.”

“Langway’s script has a whole lot of funny dialogue and sharp characterizations.”
   The Village Voice

“In this Sex in the City with chest hair, the boys are leaving Manhattan for Provincetown’s Bear Week”
   Provincetown Magazine

Did You Know?

The chemistry among the cast of BearCity 2: The Proposal appears so natural to the audience because it is, for the most part, genuine.  Writer Douglas Langway wrote the trilogy for his friends, drawing from their own experiences and casting his friends in fun roles.  Reaching beyond his own circle of friends, Langway also managed to arrange for some star-studded talent for his 2nd film, enlisting Kathy Najimy in a key role and writing a humorous cameo for director Kevin Smith.  Keep an eye out for Langway’s appearance too, appearing less than amused with a bouncer who keeps him out of Boxer’s Bar. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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