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Urbania follows the story of Charlie (Dan Futterman) during a sleepless night one weekend in the autumn. Following the loss of his partner Chris (Matt Keeslar), Charlie sets off walking round the streets to look for a man he met some months earlier. He has a number of odd encounters, some unplanned and some by design: with his upstairs neighbor; with a homeless man, a friend who is dying, a bartender, a tattooed stranger and a one-night stand he follows home. All these people tell him increasingly bizarre stories.

Finally he meets the man he is seeking, Dean (Samuel Ball) who is overtly racist, sexist and homophobic. Charlie pretends to be straight and shares a joint and drinks with him.  Dean takes Charlie to a gay cruising area with the intention of seeking out victims. Charlie is able to warn the intended victim and drives the now drunk Dean to a secluded area.

Dean and two of his friends, some months earlier had attached Charlie and raped and murdered his boyfriend Chris. Charlie’s motive for finding Dean is now clear, he seeks revenge. He hallucinates an act of killing Dean but in reality he was unable to and instead took his car abandoning Dean in the marsh.  Charlie is finally able to sleep when he arrives home.



“Rarely does a movie come along that captures an aspect of everyday consciousness that has not yet made it onto film.”
   Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

“Such a powerful experience that it is equally effective whether you have figured out from the start where it is headed or whether its denouement comes as a complete surprise.”
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

The journey — long, dark, pungent, and twisted as it is — is well worth the taking.”
J. Rentilly, TNT RoughCut

Did You Know?

The film Urbania was based on the play “Urban Folk Tales” and was shot quickly in just 18 days.  In the shots where Matt is describing his encounter with Clara, she eats the cherry the moment he gives her the drink, but in later shots, the cherry is still floating on the surface of the drink. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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