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Gay themed films title Truth tells the story of an ill-fated romance. Full of suspense, Truth begins with an imprisoned man being interviewed by a prison psychiatrist (Blanche Baker), which tells the story of Caleb (Sean Paul Lockhart and Philip Joseph McElroyas the young Caleb) who has a chance meeting over the Internet with Jeremy (Rob Moretti), an older man. Caleb suffers from borderline personality disorder and has a medicine cupboard full of medications.

When he meets Jeremy in person, Caleb falls head over heels in love with him, after Jeremy seduces him with compliments and attention. Caleb is wary of relationships having been mentally abused by his mentally ill mother (Suzanne Didonna) as a child. Caleb struggles to keep his past a secret. Both men are keeping secrets and lies, which threatens the relationship. When trust is broken and tempers fray, the destructive side of their love is unleashed.  Caleb resorts to violence when he finds out something Jeremy had hidden from him, namely that Jeremy has a wife who is expecting a child, and so he handcuffs him to the bed and brutalizes him.





“A gay relationship goes violently awry in Rob Moretti’s graphic psychological thriller.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

“In Rob Moretti’s Truth, a Man Gives In to His Dark Side”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

Director Rob Moretti wrote the screenplay for the film.  Sean Paul Lockhart who plays the part of Caleb in Truth is a former gay porn actor.  Truth premiered at QFest in Philadelphia. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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