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Trick follows the plight of Gabriel (Christian Campbell) and Mark (John Paul Pitoc) as they try to find a place to hook up, after Gabriel meets Mark at a gay bar where he performs as a go-go dancer. At first they try to go back to Gabriel’s apartment, but his roommates Katherine (Tori Spelling) and Rich manage to thwart that idea.

Next, Gabriel tries to take Mark to his friend Perry’s apartment, but along the way, Perry runs into his old ex, with whom he tearfully reconciles. This nixes Gabriel and Mark’s plan, as Perry has now decided to return to his own apartment with his ex and make up.

Then, Gabriel and Mark decide to stop by at a gay club, where they run into a drag queen who accuses Mark of having taken advantage of her in the past, which causes a breach in Gabriel’s trust, who decides to go back home. Mark follows him back, and the two smooth things over for the most part, and finally decide to simply get something to eat. Coincidentally, they meet Katherine again at a diner, and things get heated between Gabriel and her. Gabriel tries to make amends with Katherine, after which the dawn is already rising. Mark gives Gabriel his phone number, and the two go their separate ways. Although they didn’t get to have the night of fun together that they had planned, a true romance is born.





“The movie imposes a Doris Day story line on material that wants to be more sexual; it’s about a character whose quasi-virginity is preserved through an improbable series of mishaps and coincidences.”
   Roger Egbert

Trick is a tenderhearted boy-meets-boy story that manages to incorporate the courtship-interruptus style of the Doris Day era into a Greenwich Village one-night stand.”
   The New York Times

Did You Know?

Trick was well-received, especially at the Sundance Film Festival where it debuted, but only played in a limited number of cities. Nevertheless, the director Jim Fall has stated that plans are in the works to make a 12 years-later story that will re-connect Gabriel and Mark after their relationship had initially not worked out, showing a different side of their life after they’ve grown older and wiser. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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