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Jeffrey is the story of the titular character, Jeffrey (Steven Weber), living in New York City during the worst of the AIDS epidemic. Although he had, up until this point, been a huge self-avowed fan of sex. However, the worst has come to pass, and he has decided to give up sex entirely. In an interesting twist, it’s not so much that Jeffrey is afraid of dying himself, but that he’s afraid that he will fall in love with someone who is bound to die; thus, his celibacy is not only about sex, but also about relationships in general.

Try as he might, though, he inevitably falls head over heels for someone, a man named Steve (Michael T. Weiss), who he meets working out at the same gym. In no time at all, the two strike up a romantic connection that Jeffrey wants to deny, but can’t quite shake. As soon as he finds out that Steve has already been diagnosed HIV-positive, things get even more complicated, as he must make the hardest decision yet in his life, and figure out whether or not he can actually make such a commitment, when he knows full and well what will probably happen. Helping him through this time in his life and advising him is a huge cast of cameo characters, played by such notable actors as Patrick Stewart, Nathan Lane, and Sigourney Weaver.





“For anyone who missed the play, the film offers a strong echo of its best qualities and a couple of truly hilarious moments.”
The New York Times

“A comedy about AIDS isn’t a contradiction in terms. Paul Rudnick, adapting his off-Broadway hit, deftly blends uproarious fun and touching gravity.”
Rolling Stone

Did You Know?

Jeffrey is a film based on a play that was originally performed off-Broadway at the WPA Theatre, with the same director. Some of the same actors from the original term of the play also feature in this film, such as Bryan Bratt. Patrick Stewart reportedly found the script so sad that he read it for emotional inspiration for the tragic scenes in Star Trek: Generations, which was filming at the same time. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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