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Gerontophilia follows the story of a young man named Lake, who discovers and learns to embrace his desire for the elderly.  Working as a lifeguard at the local community swimming pool, Lake experiences a sexual response while performing CPR on a senior citizen who nearly drowned.  Embarrased by the crowd of onlookers, Lake runs away in shame, pondering what could possess him to feel this way.

Lake soon finds employment at a local senior citizens care home.  While on duty, he meets Mr. Peabody, one of the patients in the facility who is nearly 60 years his elder.  Feeling compassion for this sorrowful man, Lake experiences another gerontophile sexual response while giving Mr. Peabody a sponge bath.  This time, however, Lake does not feel ashamed.  He feels empowered, and Mr. Peabody begins to feel alive again.  Lake and Mr. Peabody soon become friends.  Then, friendship becomes love and the two men experience deep passion for one another.  Meanwhile, Lake’s girlfriend Desiree is less than thrilled by this, and upon discovering nude drawings of old men in Lake’s bedroom, she decides to end their relationship.  Despite the sorrow of a relationship lost, Lake accepts this as an opportunity to pursue his fetish.

Mr. Peabody states that he wishes to see the Pacific Ocean one last time before he dies.  Lake seizes the opportunity to sneak Mr. Peabody out of the senior home one night, embarking on a cross-country journey to fulfil Mr. Peabody’s dying wish.





“It is rare that I would salute a predominantly underground director’s move towards mainstream filmmaking, but by toning down the sex and nudity of his previous works, LaBruce has made a film that I hope will be enjoyed by wide audiences in the months to come. “
   The Independent

“An interesting departure from his past works, Gerontophilia proves LaBruce can deliver provocative storylines and introduce mainstream audiences to sexual taboo.”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Wishing to obtain a 1970’s feel, Bruce LaBruce shot the entire film with a set of prime lenses from the 1970’s.  He also discovered an abandoned Chinese senior centre that was built in the early 1970’s in Toronto.  This provided the perfect location for the Cour de Couer Senior Care facility in the film Gerontophilia, as much of the structure, colours, and architectural details were already in line with the director’s vision.

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