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C.R.A.Z.Y. follows the story of Zachary (Marc-André Grondin), a boy growing up in Quebec that initially has an especially warm relationship with his father, until his father one day comes home to find a young Zachary wearing his mother’s clothes, giving the first major hint of his blossoming sexuality. At a Christmas party as a teenager, Zachary first truly realizes the quality of his desires as his affections focus onto his cousin’s boyfriend, Paul. After an unfortunate motorcycle accident following news of a breakup, he learns that his cousin and Paul are back together.

Zachary then commits to a relationship with Michelle, even though he isn’t truly attracted to her, and soon his attention wanders, and his father witnesses him in a conspicuous situation with another man, and decides to send Zachary to a therapist with the intent to “cure” his homosexuality.

At another Christmas dinner in 1980, it’s revealed that Zachary and Michelle are still together and have become much closer, but a misinterpreted chain of events leads to accusations by his father of messing around with Paul, to which Zachary confesses he wished had happened, and then leaves the party. He ultimately flies to Israel in search of distance from his family and feelings, but cannot escape the tide of home, and returns to find one of his older brothers has died of a heroin overdose. At the funeral, he and his father warmly embrace, and seem to have set aside their differences once and for all.





“Fantastic performances, sharp wit and a raw honesty breathe new life into the rites-of-passage drama.”

“The whole family can feel comfortable watching C.R.A.Z.Y., Jean-Marc Vallee’s bouncy coming-of-age tale that coasts along on a terrific soundtrack and a spot-on feel for period detail. ”

“Although Vallee’s remarkably assured film, which clocks in at more than two hours, proves that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, Canada’s official Oscar submission for best foreign-language feature still manages keep up the entertaining yet emotionally satisfying pace sufficiently to earn audience accolades.”
   The Hollywood Reporter

Did You Know?

C.R.A.Z.Y. was unanimously hailed as a fantastic film, vindicating the decade the director/writer had put into creating it. He had also spent a huge portion of this indie film’s budget on music rights, which he felt were very important for the atmosphere of the film, and ultimately accepted a cut in his own salary to be able to accommodate his song selections. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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