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Bite Marks tells the story of Brewster, who covers his brother’s job one evening and the events he and his hitch-hiking passengers experience: Walsh (Stephen Geoffreys) prepares for a night at work. When checking his cargo on hearing a noise, he is attacked by an unseen entity. Walsh’ boss Caplan (Jon Gale), upon believing that Walsh is a no-show, calls Walsh’s brother Brewster (Benjamin Lutz) telling him that if he does not cover his brother’s driving route that night, his brother will be fired. Brewster, who is having an affair with his brother’s wife, agrees and so he sets off to deliver a load of coffins to a funeral home several states away, despite the fact that he has no license and so is normally unable to work.

When Brewster meets hitchhikers Cary (Windham Beacham) and Vogel (David Alanson Bradberry), a gay couple whose relationship is breaking down, he picks them up in the hope that the company and some conversation will keep him from falling asleep at the wheel;. Brewster dislikes Cary but finds he is attracted to Vogel.

The GPS system fails them and leads them to an abandoned yard where the truck’s axle breaks. Brewster attempts to find help while the couple explore their surroundings. When night falls and they hear the cargo begin to make some noise, the three men investigate to find that the coffins are occupied by hungry vampires. The three barricade themselves in the cabin hoping to fight them off until dawn.

Bite Marks




Bite Marks works as both horror and comedy, featuring genuine belly-laughs and some nice jolts.”
   The Bay Area Reporter

“Director/writer Mark Bessenger’s entry into the field of fanged bloodsuckers works remarkably well and shows promise of even better things to come with his début feature.”

Bite Marks is a unique vampire film that is a corny romp into and a vampire film that does not take itself too seriously. It’s kind of like a rainbow version of Fright Night.”

Did You Know?

Actor Benjamin Lutz, who plays Brewster, was actually driving the truck in Bite Marks. It was being pulled by an SUV and he had to perform while ensuring he was steering and breaking so as not to hit the SUV.

While chasing David Alanson around the truck, actor John Werskey actually blacked out from the 80 degree plus heat but never stopped running!

Actor Stephen Geoffreys, who plays Walsh in Bite Marks played a vampire in the original 1985 film Fright Night.  He agreed to do the movie after reading the script and saw the Fright Night in-joke, where he gets to say the same line as he previously did, that line being “You are so cool, Brewster”. Review our Gay Themed Films here

Read our interview with Director Mark Bessinger

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