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In the 2003 film, Latter Days, Steve Sandvoss plays the lead role of Aaron Davis, a kind and polite Mormon who moves in next door to Christian, played by actor Wes Ramsey.  Christian, a native of LA, is a heavy partygoer and homosexual, two major discretions in the Mormon faith.  Aaron and Christian, however, begin to form a relationship, prompting Aaron to both question and ultimately accept his fate as a homosexual in the Mormon community.  Latter Days is a romantic comedy that playfully embraces regret, faith, loss, and love through the characters of Aaron Davis and Christian Markelli.

Latter Days

Born Stephen James Sandvoss, Steve Sandvoss is a former American actor from New York City, New York.  After studying Chinese with a focus on international business, Sandvoss changed his focus to poetry.  A graduate of Harvard University, Sandvoss starred in a variety of theatre performances during his early career.  His first significant role was as a football player in the NBC television drama American Dreams.  Sandvoss went on to star in additional television roles, also landing the role of Aaron Davis in the 2003 film Latter Days

In 2013, Steve Sandvoss changed his name to Max Sandvoss and started First Light Farm & Creamery in East Bethany, New York.  Now working alongside his brother, Trystan, Max Sandvoss has stepped away from acting to enjoy a much more simple life in the country.

During his time as an actor, Steve (Max) Sandvoss enjoyed a number of small roles in television series and independent films.  His television resume features small parts in popular American series, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Revolution, The Inside, and Nip/Tuck.

Sandvoss breakout role was arguably the romantic comedy Latter Days.  His performance earned him the opportunity to work with industry greats such as Jennifer Aniston, Shirley MacLaine, and Kevin Costner, in the Rob Reiner directed film, Rumor Has It. In 2008, Sandvoss reunited with director C. Jay Cox in the film Kiss the Bride, a film about a gay man who is invited to the wedding of his former high school lover, set ten years after high school.

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