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In the stirring 1989 drama Longtime Companion, Stephen Caffrey plays the role of Fuzzy, a gay man coming to terms with AIDS in the early days of the epidemic.  Longtime Companion is a collection of vignettes and shorts that portray the challenges of the disease, which was once assumed to affect only a homosexual population.  As the film progresses, the stories evolve, keeping pace with the country’s understanding of the disease.  As one such character, Fuzzy learns how this seemingly distant and unexpected disease soon comes to affect his life directly, as well as the lives of those closest to him.

Longtime Companion

Born September 27th, 1959 in Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen Caffrey is a popular character actor in television and stage.  The fifth child of seven, his Irish-American family moved to Chicago, IL when Stephen was 17 years old.  Stephen was first inspired to pursue acting when he saw his older brother perform in the school play.  Caffrey’s foray into acting came following his graduation from high school, when he and a group of friends founded the Immediate Theatre of Chicago.

Beginning in the 1980’s, Stephen Caffrey’s career focused heavily on television.  The actor picked up recurring roles in popular soap operas, as well as character roles in some of the time period’s most famous prime-time series.

Caffrey is still active in television, as well as theatre.  His career has spanned decades and continues through the present.

Stephen Caffrey is a talented television actor who has appeared in some of America’s most popular series throughout his nearly 4 decade career.  Caffrey got his start with a recurring role in the soap opera, All My Children.  Looking to shed his “pretty boy” typecast, Caffrey soon took the opportunity to star in the series Tour of Duty, based on the American soldier’s experience in Vietnam.

Following his serial work, Caffrey made appearances in many popular prime-time dramas and comedies, including L.A. Law, Murder, She Wrote, Chicago Hope, Seinfeld, The Practice, Providence, Judging Amy, and CSI: Miami.

In addition to television, Caffrey’s film credits include Longtime Companion and The Babe, a biography of Babe Ruth starring John Goodman.

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