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Ryan Kelley plays the role of Bobby Griffith, a devout Presbyterian in the Lifetime television movie, Prayers for Bobby.  As part of a conservative Christian family, Bobby does his best to follow his church’s teachings, and especially the teachings of his devout Christian mother, Mary Griffith, played by Sigourney Weaver.

Bobby soon discovers that he may be gay.  Distraught, he shares his secret with his brother Ed.  The Griffith family soon comes to terms with Bobby’s homosexuality, with the exception of his mother.  Mary Griffith believes his “sin” of homosexuality may be cured by the church, and urges her son to participate in church activities.  Not wanting to disappoint his mother, Bobby agrees, yet he is soon conflicted by the church’s unacceptance of homosexuality, deeming it impure and shameful.  Bobby ultimately falls into depression, ending in his suicide.

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Jonathan Kelley was born August 31st, 1986 in Glen Ellyn, IL.  The fifth of 15 brothers and sisters, Kelley was introduced to acting when his mother took him and five of his siblings to meet a talent agent in Chicago, IL.  Kelley soon got his start in television commercials, appearing in over 50 ads.  Due to his hectic shooting schedule, Ryan Kelley was home schooled until the age of 18.  He has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in film.

A young actor, Ryan Kelley has already secured a handful of impressive performances in television and film, including appearances in a variety of successful television series.  In 2005, Kelley was honored with a Special Distinction Award from the Independent Spirit Awards for his role in the film Mean Creek.  In 2007, he won as part of the film Still Green, Best Ensemble at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

After a successful start in advertising, Ryan Kelley , made the jump into film with a supporting role of Seamus O’Malley in the 2002 film Stolen Summer.  His performance led to more opportunities, including a recurring role in the television series Smallville, and roles in the films Stray Dogs and Mean Creek.

Kelley went on to pick up character roles in popular films such as Letters from Iwo Jima and Still Green. Kelley secured his first lead role in the Lifetime television movie Prayers for Bobby, starring alongside Sigourney Weaver.  He has also appeared in popular TV series, including Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order: SVU, Boston Legal and Teen Wolf.

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