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In the 2006 romantic comedy, Shortbus, Paul Dawson delivers a stunning performance as James, one half of a gay living in New York.  Paul Dawson’s true-life partner, PJ DeBoy, plays James’ love interest, Jamie.  After spending over five years together, James expresses to Jamie his interest in bringing other men into the relationship, which is actually a solution for dealing with his internal depression.  Jamie resists this idea, so the couple agree to meet with Sofia, a couples counsellor who often works through sexual issues with her patients.

Interestingly, Sofia is in the midst of her own sexual issues, having never experienced a climax with her husband Rob.  As Sofia chooses to work out her issues by visiting a local dominatrix, James and Jamie continue struggle with the challenge of welcoming another man into their relationship.

Publicity still of Paul Dawson & PJ DeBoy

American writer and actor Paul Dawson is best known for delivering captivating and emotional performances.  A young actor, Dawson’s career began in the late 1990’s with appearances in a few popular television series.  His first major break came in 1999, when he appeared in The Big Kahuna alongside Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito.

Fairly new to acting, Dawson has already established himself as an up and coming gay actor.  His film credits have garnered praise at a number of LGBT film festivals, as well as the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.  Dawson is currently in a relationship with his Shortbus co-star, PJ DeBoy.

Actor Paul Dawson’s career began in 1998 with an appearance on the television series Great Performances.  Dawson went on the star in an episode of the popular American television series Law & Order in 1999, followed by the pilot episode of the cult classic televisions series Strangers with Candy, which starred Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert.

Months later, Dawson broke into film with roles in The Blur of Insanity and The Big Kahuna.  Dawson followed these performances by appearing in Urbania, a drama that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and numerous LGBT film festivals.  Dawson later appeared in the short The Mountain King before delivering his best-known role of James in the 2006 film Shortbus.  Dawson continues to act and currently has a new film in production.

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