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Israeli actor Ohad Knoller stars in the 2002 romance, Yossi & Jagger, which tells the story of a budding romance between two Israeli soldiers stationed at a guard post on the remote border with Lebanon.  Koller plays the role of Yossi, who is commander of a small battalion in the mountains.  Lior, or Jagger as he is known by his comrades, is the second in command.  The pair have a secret relationship, often disappearing to be alone together.  When a colonel arrives, the company must prepare for a night-time ambush, though Yossi is reluctant because the full moon grants too much visibility.  His suspicions were correct and Jagger is mortally wounded in the ambush, left to profess his love for Yossi as he died in his commander’s arms.

Ohad Knoller

As a young boy growing up in Israel, Ohad Knoller attended the Thelma Yellin high school in Tel Aviv.  Drawn towards television and film at an early age, Knoller made his first television appearance at the age of 14, starring in an Israeli TV show.  By age 18, Knoller had landed his first feature film role, but then put his acting career on hold in order to complete his mandatory military service in Israel.

Coming out of the military, Knoller pursued a career in film by attending the Nissan Nativ School of Acting in Tel Aviv.  Upon graduating, Ohad Knoller landed a variety of roles in theatre and film, and also starred in a long-running Israeli TV show, entitled Srugim, playing the role of Dr. Nati Brenner.

In his personal life, Ohad Knoller was previously married to actress Noa Raba-Knoller, but the couple divorced in 2011.

Ohad Knoller is an accomplished actor known for his roles in Israeli television and film.  Of note are his performances in Eytan Fox’s films, Yossi & Jagger, Yossi and The Bubble.  A career-making performance, Knoller won the 2003 Tribeca Award for best male actor for his performance as Yossi in Yossi & Jagger.

Knoller’s first role came in the 1995 Israeli film, Under the Domin Tree, which was based on the novel of the same time.  Despite his success, Knoller paused his career to complete his military service, returning to acting in 2002.  The early 2000’s saw Knoller embrace a number of film roles, including Delusions, Love Hurts, Redacted, and the Steven Spielberg film, Munich.

In television, Knoller held the role of Dr. Nati Brenner in the series Srugim.  He also appeared in other miniseries, such as Beaufort, Til the Wedding, and Knafayim.

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