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Torch Song Trilogy was written and adapted for the screen by the incredible Harvey Fierstein.  Fierstein takes the lead role of Arnold, starring alongside Matthew Broderick.  Arnold meets Alan Simon (Broderick), a male fashion model in New York City, and the two almost immediately fall in love.  Over the course of their relationship, they decide to settle down and attempt to foster a child together.  Successful in this, Arnold and Alan decide to move into a larger apartment to accommodate their new gay teenage son, David.  However, on their first night in the new apartment, Alan is tragically attacked and murdered in a homophobic attack.

Torch Song Trilogy

Matthew Broderick was born in 1962 in New York City.  Seemingly destined for a career in acting, Broderick’s parents were a playwright and an actor.  At the age of 17, Broderick’s football dreams came to a tragic end when he suffered a devastating knee injury.  In retrospect, the stars may have aligned, as Broderick used the accident as an opportunity to pursue acting at New York’s prestigious Walden School.

Following some acting work shops, Broderick landed key roles in some Neil Simon projects in the early 1980’s.  It was here where his trademark boyish charm first became evident, leading to one of the actor’s most recognized roles as the lead in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  This put Matthew Broderick on the path to a successful career in both film and Broadway.  He has won two Tony Awards for Best Actor.

Broderick lives with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, and their three children, and continues to appear in both film and stage roles.

Matthew Broderick’s career began in the early 1980’s with two Neil Simon projects: Brighton Beach Memoirs on the stage, and Max Dugan Returns in film.  Broderick later reprised his role in Biloxi Blues on stage and later adapted for film.

Success soon followed with some of the actor’s most famous films, including WarGames, Project X, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  The 1990’s brought Broderick continued success with Addicted to Love, Out on a Limb, The Lion King, The Road to Wellville, Godzilla, The Cable Guy, Election, and Inspector Gadget.

More recent works by the actor include The Producers, starring alongside his dear friend, Nathan Lane, Strangers With Candy, The Stepford Wives, and Deck the Halls.  Broderick has also made numerous television appearances for popular shows such as 30 Rock, Modern Family, and Frasier.

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