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In the 2007 French musical, Love Songs, actor Louis Garrel plays the role of Ismael, one part of a bizarre love triangle.  Ismael is in a relationship with Julie, and both have welcomed Alice into the bedroom.  After a string of disagreements and heartbreak, Julie is found unconscious on the floor following a concert.  The police immediately question Ismael over this incident, as he hears of Julie’s death over the police radio.  Left with Alice and Julie’s sister, Jeanne, Ismael engages in a variety of meaningless relationships until meeting Erwann.  When Jeanne discovers Ismael and Erwann have slept together it is abundantly clear why Julie allowed Alice into the relationship in the first place.  Feeling sorrowful, Ismael retreats to Julie’s grave, seemingly haunted by her absence.

Love Songs

French actor and filmmaker Louis Garrel was born in Paris in June of 1983.  The child of a director and actress, Garrel was destined for a career in film, making his very first onscreen appearance at the age of six.  Garrel went on to attend the Conservatoire de Paris before committing to acting full time.

Regularly appearing in French language films, the actor can also speak English and Italian fluently.  Garrel is known for appearing in many works by director Christophe Honore, including Love Songs.  Garrel also took the lead role in Les Amants reguliers, which was directed by his father, Philippe Garrel.  The performance earned Louis Garrel the Cesar Award for Most Promising Actor.

Garrel continues to act, write, and direct films from his home base in Paris, France.

Beginning at the age of six, Louis Garrel has assembled an impressive list of acting credits.  His breakout role was the role of Theo in the 2003 film The Dreamers, starring alongside Eva Green and Michael Pitt.  Two years later, Garrel worked with his father in Les Amanats reguliers, which earned him the Cesar Award for Most Promising Actor.

Around this time, Garrel partnered with director Christophe Honore to deliver incredible works such as Ma mere, Dans Paris, and Love SongsOther film credits include Actrices, Frontier of the Dawn, La belle personne, Non ma fille, tu n’iras pas danser, Les bien-aimés, Un été brûlant, and Jealousy.

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