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In the summer drama/comedy, Summer Storm, German-born actor Kostja Ullman plays the role of Achim.  Achim is a member of the rowing team along with his friend, Tobi.  When the boys are sent to a summer camp in the weeks leading up to the final rowing competition, Tobi finds himself compelled to share his romantic feelings for his close friend Achim.  However, Achim is in a relationship with his girlfriend Sandra and turns Tobi away amidst heartbreak.  Devastated, Tobi befriends some members of the rival Queerschlag rowing team, which is an openly gay rowing club.  Challenged in his feelings, Tobi is finally compelled to come out to his own rowing club, only to discover that his teammates accept him regardless of his sexual interests.

Summer Storm

Hamburg-born actor Kostja Ullman is a young up and coming talent in the German film industry.  Beginning at a young age, Ullman first stepped onto the stage at age 11, performing with the Ernst Deutch Theater and the Winterhuder Fahrhaus.  Experiencing some early success, Ullman followed up his debut with some minor television appearances throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Kostja Ullman’s feature film debut came in 2004’s Summer Storm, in which he played one of the lead roles.  Ullman later went on the win the Günter-Strack-Fernsehpreis award for Best Actor after his 2006 performance in the TV drama Heimliche Liebe.

Still living in Germany, the talented Ullman continues to act and build upon his already budding career.

A young actor, Kostja Ullman is primed and ready for some break out roles to thrust him into the international spotlight.  Popular in his native Germany, Ullman has already made award-winning appearances in some TV programs such as Stahlnetz, SOKO Leipzig, and Albtraum einer Ehe.

Following his feature debut in 2004’s German smash, Summer Storm, Ullman has appeared in films such as Vervolgt (Hounded), Single by Contract (Groupies bleiben nicht zum Fruhstuck), and A Most Wanted Man.

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