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Based on the real-life story of prison escapee Steven Russell, the 2009 comedy I Love You Phillip Morris portrays the desperate attempts of Steven Russell to break free from prison and be reunited with his fellow inmate and lover, Phillip Morris.  Jim Carrey plays the lead role of Steven, a cop turned con man.  Earlier in life, Steven is married and has a daughter.  A car crash inspires him to truly live his life, and so he comes out as gay and moves to Miami to take a gay lover.  No longer a cop, Steven becomes a con man to maintain his lifestyle, which ultimately lands him in prison.  It is here where Steven meets Phillip Morris and the two fall in love.  Forever a con man, Steven creates a variety of cons that spring the two men from prison…and then land them back in again when they are caught.

I Love You Phillip Morris


Known for being a funnyman, Canadian-born actor Jim Carrey got his start in 1990 when he landed a recurring role in the sketch comedy show In Living Color.  Despite the show always playing second fiddle to Saturday Night Live, Carrey experienced great comedic success.  Within 4 years, he found himself cast as the lead in a variety of comedic feature films.

Despite suffering from ADHD throughout his life, Carrey has managed to deliver both comedic and heartfelt roles throughout his career.  The actor earned four Golden Globe Award Nominations, which is an arguably impressive feat for an actor who got his start in late night sketch comedy.

In 2004, Carrey received US citizenship, making him a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.  The actor often engages in political causes, such as the suggested overuse of MMR vaccinations.

Experiencing early fame with the sketch comedy show In Living Color, Jim Carrey quickly became a household name among comedy actors.  In 1994 he took on the lead role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which proved to be an international hit despite its over the top, slapstick vibe.  Carrey used the film as a springboard to other comedy projects such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, and an amusing portrayal of The Riddler in Batman Forever.

A complex actor, Carrey is able to play serious or sentimental roles as well. One of his most notable performances was the role of Truman Burbank in the satire The Truman Show.  He also starred alongside Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick in The Cable Guy.

The successful actor has appeared in many popular films in recent years, including his semi-biographical portrayal of Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon.  Other films include Bruce Almighty, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A Christmas Carol, and Horton Hears a Who.


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