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The 2008 Swedish comedy Patrik, Age 1.5, portrays the experience two gay men share when they adopt a child.  After moving into the suburbs, Sven and Goran (played by Torkel Petersson and Gustaf Skarsgård, respectively) attempt to adopt a child.  After trying for months, the couple finds that no country is willing to let a gay couple adopt a child.  However, their luck appears to change when an orphanage informs them that a boy by the age of 1.5 is available for adoption.  Without a second guess, Sven and Goran agree to adopt the young orphan, only to discover there was a clerical error that changed the boy’s age from 15 to 1.5.  When their 15 year old son arrives, the men are surprised to meet a troubled and homophobic teenager.

Patrik, Age 1.5

Born to a family of actors, the 6’ 4” actor turned director Gustaf Skarsgård is the son of Swedish actor Stellen Skarsgård and physician My Skarsgård, and brother of Alexander, Bill, and Valter Skarsgård.  Gustaf Skarsgård was raised in Stockholm, Sweden, along with his five siblings and 2 half-brothers.  The actor got his start at an early age, appearing in some short roles at the age of nine.  Best known for his role of Floki in the popular series, Vikings, Skarsgård has spent much of his acting career appearing in television roles and short film projects.

Gustaf Skarsgård is best known for his role of Floki in the television series, Vikings.  However, the actor and director has a number of credits to his name.

Gustaf Skarsgård’s career began in Sweden, with acting roles on a number of Swedish television series, including Skuggornas hus, Kontrakt, and Min van Percys magiska gymnastikskor.  By the early 2000’s, Skarsgård made his way into American productions, appearing in films such as Den Osynlige, Cleo, Ondskan, and Ikke Naken.

In 2007, Skarsgård was honored to be named one of European film’s Shooting Stars by the European Film Promotion.  He followed up this distinction with some of his most popular roles, including Puss, The Way Back, Iskariot, Patrik, Age 1.5, and Kon-Tiki.

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