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Based on the 1995 novel of the same title, the 2006 screen adaptation, Boy Culture, is a dramatic story of a gay male escort living in Seattle, Washington.  Derek Magyar plays the lead role of “X,” a mysterious gay escort who wishes to remain anonymous to protect the identities of his roomates and lovers.  X confesses the details of his tangled relationships with each of his roommates, and in particular, with an older male client.  The older client challenges X to find his heart before consenting to any sexual relationship with him.  Stirred by the challenge, X agrees to play along, recanting the events as a narrative to the film.

Boy Culture

Originally from Hungary, the young actor Derek Magyar attended the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA.  Upon graduation in 2003, Magyar began to appear in a variety of television shows and shorts.  His breakthrough role, however, came with the 2006 LGBT feature film, Boy Culture, where Magyar skillfully takes on the lead character X in a dramatic story about a gay male escort.

Following the success of Boy Culture, Magyar appeared alongside actress Thora Birch in the horror film, Train.  In recent years, Magyar has been focused on television roles, appeared in a variety of popular television series and crime dramas for major networks in the United States.

Derek Magyar promptly picked up walk-on roles in popular TV series JAG and Boston Legal following his graduation from the California Institute of the Arts in 2003.  The actor’s most notable role from the time period was that of Commander Kelby, appearing on 5 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Following his early television success, Magyar was cast in the lead role of the successful 2006 LGBT film, Boy Culture, followed by the role of character Todd in the horror film Train.

In 2009, Magyar returned to television, playing roles on plenty of series, including Medium, Criminal Minds, CSI NY, and the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

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