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In the French TV movie, Just a Question of Love, Cyrille Thouvenin delivers a moving performance as lead character Laurent.  After experiencing the loss of his gay cousin, Laurent moves in with his best friend Carole and tries to move on with his life.  He falls in love with a man named Cedric and grows conflicted with his own emotions.  His conservative parents are not fond of the gay lifestyle, and were especially critical of Laurent’s cousin who passed away from hepatitis, a disease Laurent’s parents believe he contracted by being gay.  Acknowledging that his feelings for Cedric are not going to simply go away, Laurent finally builds up the courage to inform his parents that he is in fact gay.

Just a Question of Love

French actor Cyrille Thouvenin was born in May of 1976.  He attended the famous Cours Florent acting school and later graduated from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in 2001.  Upon graduating, Thouvenin quickly embraced television, taking on various TV roles while studying cinema.

While still in his youth, Cyrille Thouvenin was welcomed to the César Awards as the Most Promising Newcomer of 2001.  Ten years later, the actor also received a Best Supporting Actor award at the Los Angeles Film Festival for his work in The Philosopher.

Thouvenin continues to act in TV and film, and occasionally makes appearances on stage.

Spending much of his career in television, actor Cyrille Thouvenin has appeared in a variety of popular French TV series and movies.  Beginning in 1998, the actor has become a familiar face on French TV.  His television credits include Commandant Nerval, Josephine, ange gardien, Madame le proviseur, Derives, Les Liaisons dangereuses, Les Parents terribles, Les Petits Meurtes d’Agatha Christie, and Sable Noir.

In film, Thouvenin began with small walk-on roles, and soon developed to take on larger and more complex characters.  His work in The Philosopher earned him a Best Supporting Actor award.  Thouvenin has also appeared in The Happening, Edy, Oui Mais, La Confusion des genres, and Just a Question of Love.


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