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In the 1998 romantic gay themed film, Get Real, Ben Silverstone performs the role of Steven Carter, a rural student in a British prep school who is doing his best to hide his homosexual tendencies.  Struggling with the thought of coming out, Steven begins searching for sexual partners in public lavatories.  He soon discovers the opportunity to volunteer for the school paper, working as a photo journalist covering sports, and more notably, Steven’s longtime crush, athlete John Dixon.  Surprisingly for Steven, John actually shares some of the same feelings.  The two boys explore a beautiful and blossoming relationship while still living in fear of the consequences of coming out.

Get Real

Born in the affluent London neighborhood of Primrose Hill, Ben Silverstone attended the prestigious St. Paul’s School in Barnes, London.  As a young man, Silverstone earned his first major role through the help of his family friend Mike Figgis, who placed him in the lead of 1994’s The Browning Version.  Silverstone went on to land a few small roles prior to attending Cambridge University.

Upon graduating from Cambridge at the top of his class, Ben Silverstone has quietly stepped away from acting in order to purse a law degree in England.  The talented and intelligent actor occasionally may be found upon the stage, most recently at The Edinburgh Festival.

Despite a relatively short career in film, Ben Silverstone has enjoyed moderate success in acting.  His breakout performance was the leading role of Taplow in 1994’s The Browning Version.  Following this role, Silverstone enjoyed some smaller roles, including the part of Humbert Humbert in the 1997 remake of Lolita.

Silverstone’s most notable role was as the lead of Steven Carter in the 1998 independent film, Get Real.  The film established the actor as a leading man and has created a cult following for the actor, as well as the film’s director, Simon Shore.

Silverstone has since left acting to pursue a law degree.  He has made some appearances on the stage, most notably in the 2001 play The Age of Consent.

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