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A coming of age drama, Edge of Seventeen stars Chris Stafford and Andersen Gabrych as Eric and Rod, two gay boys who happen to meet at an amusement park in Sanduscky, OH.  The year is 1984, and Eric is just coming to terms with his own sexuality when he meets the openly gay Rod.  They go on one date together and Eric begins to embrace his sexuality as Rod leaves to return to Ohio State.  After coming out to his best friend, Eric starts visiting a local gay bar.  A meaningless hookup prompts him to reach out to Rod, but he is discouraged when Rod tells him not to call him anymore.  Meanwhile, Eric’s mother is growing suspicious of his recent behaviour, and doesn’t want people to think he is gay (even though he clearly is).  Eric ultimately lands at a crossroads where he must make his own decisions to live the life he wants to live.

Edge of Seventeen

Andersen Gabrych is an openly gay actor and comic book writer from Chico, California.  Born in Tokyo, Gabrych moved to California at an early age and was raised in the mountains north of Sacramento.

As both an actor and writer, Gabrych has achieved success in a variety of ventures.  His acting career landing him many roles in gay-themed films, as well as off-Broadway productions with popular theatre companies including The Public Theater, New York Theater Workshop, and Ensemble Studio Theater.

Gabrych has written for popular comic book series, including Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Omega Men, and Detective Comics, as well as remaining a regular writing contributor to LA Confidential Magazine.

Actor and writer Andersen “Ande” Gabrych’s breakout role came as Rod in the gay coming of age drama, Edge of Seventeen.  Delivering a compelling performance as a homosexual college student, Gabrych received opportunities to appear in other gay themed films, including Another Gay Movie, Boys Life 4: Four Play, and the goth drama Gypsy 83. 

An accomplished writer, Gabrych currently lives an openly gay life in Los Angeles, writing regularly for popular comic book series and LA Confidential Magazine.  He also published the graphic novel Fogtown in 2010, and continues to perform at the Comedy Central Stage’s Sit n’ Spin reading series.

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