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Written and directed by Tom Gustafson, the whimsical comedy Were the World Mine follows Timothy as he tries out for the lead role in a school musical.  Timothy is a gay student in an all boys private school where homosexuality is often the subject of ridicule.  An eccentric boy, he often hides from the ridicule by regressing into his own fantasies, until his equally eccentric teacher casts him in the school’s production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Upon reading the script, Timothy uncovers the secret recipe for a love potion in the form of a mythical flower.  Timothy proceeds to create the magic love potion and uses it to make his crush, the rugby player named Jonathan, fall in love with him.  Thrilled by his success, Timothy proceeds to use the love flower on everyone in town, turning much of the town gay, and creating an alternate reality where Timothy need not remain closeted in fear of ridicule or harassment.

Were the World Mine

Primarily a Casting Director, Tom Gustafson has spent part of his career directing short films, features, and music videos.  Gustafson got his start in the film industry providing extras casting for a variety of award-winning films.  By the late 2000’s, Gustafson elected to try his hand at directing, delivering his award winning film, Were the World Mine, a whimsical tale that earned the director great acclaim and appeared at dozens of film festivals world wide.

Tom Gustafson began his career in the casting department, providing extras casting for many popular films in the early 2000’s, including Road to Perdition, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Love & Other Drugs, Man of Steel, and Gone Girl.

In 2008, Tom Gustafson directed his first feature film, Were the World Mine, a musical comedy that garnered awards at film festivals globally.  The film was the first feature debut for the director who had previously directed short films The Need and Fairies.  More recently, Gustafson produced Getting Go, the Go Doc Project.

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