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The 1998 romantic film, Get Real, is directed by Simon Shore and follows the story of Steven Carter, a rural student in a British prep school who is doing his best to hide his homosexual tendencies.  Struggling with the thought of coming out, Steven (played by Ben Silverstone) begins seeking out new sexual partners in public lavatories.  He eventually discovers an opportunity to volunteer for the school paper, working as a photo journalist to covering sporting events.  Steven is most thrilled, however, by the opportunity to photograph and report on his longtime crush, athlete John Dixon.  Surprisingly for Steven, John reveals that he actually shares some of the same feelings.  The two boys explore a beautiful and blossoming relationship while still living in fear of the consequences of coming out.

Get Real

Simon Shore is a British director, writer, and editor who was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  Wishing to study film, Shore enrolled in the Royal College of Art in the early 1980s and began exploring short films.  As a student, he shot La Boule, which was a very successful project, earning the aspiring director a BAFTA award.  He also fell just shy of a nomination for a Student Oscar.

Shore spent the late 1980’s and early 1990’s directing television series and movies, until his most successful feature film debuted in 1998.  Get Real earned the director a variety of awards and is arguably Simon Shore’s most recognized work to date.

Experiencing early success, Simon Shore earned great praise as a student with his short film, La Boule, which Shore wrote, directed, and edited himself.  Picking up a BAFTA Award, Shore looked forward to graduation and more opportunities to come.

After finishing his degree, Simon Shore embraced opportunities to direct television series such as Operation Raleigh and Screen Two.  The director delivered his most famous project, the feature film Get Real in 1998.  Get Real won awards at film festivals around the globe, including the Dinard British Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Emden International Film Festival, and Ourense Independent Film Festival.

After a hiatus, Shore returned to film and directed Things to Do Before You’re 30 and the TV movie After Thomas.

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