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Set in Connecticut in the 1950s, the story in Far From Heaven revolves around the life of Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore) and her husband Frank (Dennis Quaid). To all intents and purposes they are the perfect couple, successful and living the idyllic life. However, on the day Cathy decides to take dinner to Frank’s office, her world is rocked when she finds him making love to a man. Although Frank agrees to try conversion therapy, the relationship is damaged and Frank takes to drink.

Frank attempts to be a true husband to Cathy but when he is unable to he hits her and their relationship deteriorates further. Cathy turns to an African-American man Raymond (Dennis Haysbert) for comfort leading to her world being disturbed by gossip about her taboo relationship. Frank, having been unable to hide from his true sexuality, asks for a divorce.

Cathy, now knowing she is to be single, goes to Raymond so that they can be together, but he turns her down with the worlds ‘I’ve learned my lesson about mixing the two worlds’

The film’s themes deal with the difficult issues of the time including race, gender roles, sexual orientation and class.

Far From Heaven




“The movie is, start to finish, candy-coloured angst.”
   Philadelphia Inquirer

“Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid and Dennis Haysbert are called on to play characters whose instincts are wholly different from their own. By succeeding, they make their characters real, instead of stereotypes.”
   Roger Ebert

“Three sterling performances from Moore, Haysbert and Quaid, all of whom grapple with psychic pain in different, touching ways.”
   Washington Post

Did You Know?

The role of Frank Whitaker in Far From Heaven was originally written for James Gandolfini but he was busy filming The Sopranos.

The film is made in the style of the 1950s films using techniques from that era, however there were anachronisms which showed when the film was actually made, such as when Cathy brings dinner to Frank’s office, the container she uses is Tupperware that was produced after 1962. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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