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A life-altering Weekend begins when Russell (Tom Cullen) leaves his friend’s dinner party to pay a visit to a local gay nightclub, looking for a simple night’s fun. Before the club closes up for the night, he meets Glen (Chris New), and the two go back to Russell’s apartment. The following morning, the two exchange numbers before Glen leaves.

While on duty as a lifeguard and witnessing an openly gay couple interact, Russell sends a text message to Glen, and the two agree to meet up later. An intimate conversation leads them to understand each other even better than before, and Russell shares his troubled past, having grown up in a series of foster homes. After another moment of passion, Glen informs Russell that he will be leaving to America the next day to attend art school, and invites him to his goodbye party later that night.

At the party, Russell gets to know some of Glen’s other friends, who share that they are unconvinced Glen will actually make the move, and also that Glen had recently broken up with a boyfriend named John, who had cheated on him repeatedly. Back at Russell’s apartment, the two argue about the nature of relationships, but eventually fall back into passion. After Glen leaves the next morning, Russell goes to the train station where Glen will be leaving from, feeling as though he still has more to say, and confesses how important the weekend had been to him, allowing him to feel more open with who he is. The two exchange one last kiss, and Glen leaves Russell with a special reminder of their first night together.






“One of the truest, most beautiful movies ever made about two strangers.”
   Boston Globe

“British filmmaker Andrew Haigh‘s background in editing (from Gladiator to Mister Lonely) is evident in the casual beauty of moments that only appear “found,” giving Weekend an engrossing documentary feel.”
   Entertainment Weekly

“Naturalistic without being ineloquent, heartfelt yet unsentimental, Weekend is the rarest of birds: a movie romance that rings true.”
   Village Voice

Did You Know?

The entire film was shot on a budget of less than $200,000. According to Tom Cullen, the dialogue in Weekend was totally scripted and not improvised as reports claimed. The movie opened to an overwhelming positive reception, with over 95% of reviews proving positive. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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