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“If you had a second chance, would you grab it?” Judas Kiss is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Having been persuaded by his best friend and director Topher (Troy Fischnailer) into judging in their film school’s annual festival, film festival judge Zachary Wells (Charlie David) has a one night stand with Danny Reyes (Richard Harman) who turns out to be a student competing for a scholarship which Zach will be awarding.

Zach spots similarities between himself and Danny, not least because Danny is using the name Zach himself used when he attended the school and because he is entering a film called ‘Judas Kiss’, the same name of the Zach’s winning film, years before. While Zach is trying to figure out the puzzle, a mysterious campus tour guide tells him: “change the kid’s past, change your future.”

Zach decides to fix the mistakes he made in life by pushing Danny in what he sees as the right direction. Zach intends to do this by disqualifying Danny from the competition. The only question remaining, then, is will Zach’s plan work.

Judas Kiss




“Judas Kiss lives up to a lot of what it promises.”
   New York Cool

“A refreshingly different film with its genre mixing feel – time travel, fantasy, romance – and is at times dark but compelling, too”
ATV Today

“What is refreshing about this movie is that, while the story revolves around gay men, it takes place in a context where heterosexuals just don’t seem to feature. I find this a wonderful reversal of the accepted heterosexual films where homosexuality is non-existent. In a sense this is a mainstream film, with characters that happen to be gay. As such the film breaks new ground.”

Did You Know?

The Campus of the University of Washington was used as the Keystone Summit University in Judas Kiss.  The estimated budget of the film was $500,000. Actor Sean Paul Lockhart who is also known as Brent Corrigan, his adult film name, was credited by his real name in the opening credits but as Brent Corrigan on the poster of the film. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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