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Everyone centres on a gay couple, Ryan (Matt Fentiman) and Grant (Mark Hildreth) who are getting married. The plan is to have a small wedding with only immediate family.

Ryan and Grant start the day in different ways: Ryan meditates nude in the garden and is having doubts. Grant meanwhile takes a more traditional stance, wearing a tuxedo. The pair then debate whether gay couples should get married at all, before apparently making up.

Grants parents do not like homosexuals and so have decided not to come to the wedding, whereas Ryan’s mother is determined to decorate the house against the couple’s wishes. Attending instead of Grant’s parents are the couple’s friend Madeline (Nancy Sivak) and her drunken husband Shep (Bill Marchant) are attending. Shep is in a state and talks about having murdered one of his patients. Madeline ignores this having heard it all before and goes for a walk where she meets Roger (Tom Scholte).

Grant’s brother Kalvin (Andrew Moxham) will be coming with his partner Jenny (Anna Williams). He is a landscape artist and a pot head

Ryan’s brother Gale (Michael Chase) and his wife Trish (Suzanne Hepburn) prepare for the day. Both actors, Gale opens a bottle of wine, while Trish talks with her agent. Ryan’s other brother Luke (Steven Park) and his wife Rachel are having trouble getting pregnant, but Rachel has a secret.

As the various guests descend, together with the random people they have met along the way, the bonds of marriage are tested as is the idea of monogamy.





“The majority of issues aren’t exclusive to just straight or just gay couples. Infidelity, alcoholism, cold-feet, doubts and grief are present in many relationships. Ryan and Grant aren’t treated any differently than a straight couple and we felt the representation of their relationship was pretty realistic.”
  Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

Everyone premiered at the opening weekend of the Montréal World Film Festival, to a sold-out audience and was subsequently invited to screen at the Paris International Film Festival and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Bill Marchant, as well as being an actor, writer and director is an accomplished musician, having produced and co-written the album “Odlum” with singer and songwriter Michael Chase.  Marchant is the lead singer for alternative country act Mac Sledge. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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