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In the award-winning 2011 film, Weekend, Tom Cullen plays Russell, a lifeguard at the local swimming pool who is navigating the complexities of living an authentically gay lifestyle amidst the standards of straight society.  After a night of partying, Russell goes to a gay bar, presumably to hook up.  He ends up meeting Glen, an art student, and the two form a much deeper relationship during their night together.  Glen’s ideals and liberal approach to gay life challenges Russell’s behaviour, yet Russell manages to open his eyes to the reality that his choices need not be kept hidden and that his love for Glen is real.

Tom Cullen

Born in July of 1985, Tom Cullen is a Welsh actor and an up and comer in the industry.  Cullen studied acting at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama after attending Llanishen High School.  His parents were writers, and Tom studied music before completing his degree in acting.  Cullen graduated with First Class Honours and has since made a name for himself on the screen and stage alike.

2011’s Weekend was a breakout performance for Cullen, earning him honours at the Nashville Film Festival that same year.  Cullen was also named to the Screen International Stars of Tomorrow list, earned the Audience Award at SXSW, and in 2012, the International Cinephile Society named Cullen Best Actor.  The prestigious London Film Critics’ Circle further honoured Cullen by nominating him for British Actor of the Year alongside notable contemporaries Gary Oldman, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Fassbender, and Peter Mullan.

After working on a few shorts and TV series, Tom Cullen found success in starring in the 2011 film, Weekend, directed by Andrew Haigh.  This challenging and award-winning performance opened Cullen up to larger roles, including recurring roles in popular TV series such as Downton Abbey (playing Lord Anthony Gillingham) and 2012’s World Without End (as Wulfric).

In cinema, Cullen found success starring alongside Liev Schreiber in The Last Days on Mars, a fictional story about the final days of the first manned mission to the Red Planet.  In 2014, Cullen is working on new films Desert Dancer and Happily Ever After, as well as continuing his work on Downton Abbey.

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