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An established theatre actor, Tim Curry’s fame only increased with his campy role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A murderous mad scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter is the leader of the Transylvanians.  The mad doctor lacks any real human connections, often using others toys for his own amusement or sexual stimulation – including his newest creation, the muscle man named Rocky Horror.  Dr. Frank-N-Furter welcomes two stranded newlyweds, and shortly manages to draw out their most animalistic sexual urges.

Curry delivers a convincing and unforgettable performance as the transvestite doctor, successfully bringing the lively theatre version to the big screen for the 1975 film.

Tim Curry

Possessing much natural talent, Tim Curry is an accomplished singer and actor, starring in both the theatre and cinema.  Born in Cheshire, England, Curry is the son of a Royal Navy chaplain and a school secretary.  His career began in the theatre, after graduating with honours in Drama and English from Cambridge and Birmingham Universities.  Curry worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and enjoyed many lead roles in both the London and New York theatre scenes.

Beginning with 1975’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Curry gained incredible fame in both comedic and horror roles.  Curry is often cast in villainous roles.

Since 1975, Curry has been nominated for many theatre and cinema awards, including Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and Grammy Awards.  Curry won the Royal Variety Club Stage Actor of the Year Award in 1982 for his performance in Pirates of Penzance and a Daytime Emmy for his role in 1991’s Peter Pan and the Pirates.

Throughout his career, Tim Curry has enjoyed much success on the stage and in film.  Curry starred in The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Broadway, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show equivalent on film in 1975.  His theatre career granted him prized roles, such as that of Mozart in the show Amadeus, alongside Tony Award-winning actor Ian McKellen.  Additional theatre credits include The Threepenny Opera, A Christmas Carol, and Spamalot, for which he was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award.

On the big screen, Curry enjoyed success in a variety of horror and comedy roles, including notable appearances as a psychopathic clown in Stephen King’s It. Curry also appeared as The Lord Darkness in Legend, and enjoyed further roles in films like The Hunt for Red October, Clue, Home Alone 2, Congo, and Kinsey.

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