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Based on the novel of the same name by Andy Zeffer, 2011’s Going Down in LA-LA Land presents a raw and exciting look at the Hollywood film industry, and in particular, the gay porn film industry.  Often compared to Boogie Nights, Casper Andreas directs a colourful cast of characters in a tale of self-obsession, instant celebrity, and, of all things, friendship.  The film follows a young actor named Adam who has arrived in Hollywood to make his break into show business.  Unfortunately for Adam, only the gay film industry is interested in him with the help of his new friend Nick (played by Casper Andreas).  At first starting behind the camera, Nick eventually convinces Adam to star in some films.  Adam agrees and his career in Hollywood begins to take off…just not quite the way he probably expected.

Going Down in LA-LA Land

Born in Sweden, Casper Andreas is an openly gay actor, director, and writer based in New York City.  Andreas made his directorial debut with his 2004 romantic comedy, Slutty Summer.  The project was a springboard to success, granting him other opportunities, many of which have won awards.  Following the release of 2011’s Going Down in LA-LA Land, Variety magazine stated that Andreas “shows signs of maturing talent” with his most recent film.  Casper Andreas has gone on to act in and direct over 20 films in his young career.

Staying true to his roots, the director makes often appears in his own films, occasionally playing significant supporting roles.

Beginning as an actor in 1996, Casper Andreas is the sort of actor/director/writer who always has a project in the works.  His acting career lasted nearly ten years before he began directing films himself.  Among some of his films are notable performances in Close Up, Hitch, Celebrity, Marmalade, and Serpent’s Breath.

In 2004, Casper Andreas made his directorial debut with Slutty Summer.  He followed this successful film with other creative projects such as A Four Letter Word, Between Love & Goodbye, and the award-winning satire, The Big Gay Musical.  Andreas’ most famous work is the 2011 film Going Down in LA-LA Land, which portrays the ins and outs of the Hollywood film industry.

Andreas currently has a new project, Kiss Me, Kill Me in post-production for an intended 2015 release.

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