Drag, A Performance Art Book

Occasionally misunderstood, the art form of Drag has evolved from its humble beginnings of male actors dressing for mundane female roles to modern-day performance art, dance, and, at times, outlandish variety acts. Amazingly, social consciousness has begun to evolve alongside this edgy art form, sometimes challenging, yet often embracing the incredible and enigmatic Drag performers.

We owe a lot to Drag performers and industry pioneers such as RuPaul and Divine. These stylish rebels have built a career out of owning the stage and pushing the envelope. Their work turns the taboo into the mainstream, the avant-garde into the quotidian. An art form that was once a secret of the gay community is now popular among all walks of life, with many straight performers and even the occasional female act joining in the fun, such as the American Sharon “Mama” Spell’s fabulous comedy cabaret.

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Recognizing the beauty of this lush and fantastic art form, Bookthefilm Publishing has released the book dr.a.g. to showcase and honor the industry’s finest acts. Readers enjoy full-color photographs of some of the world’s most popular Drag performers. This coffee table book offers a glimpse of famous Drag stars such as Las Vegas’ Larry Edwards, LA-based GiGi Monroe, and the legendary Jim Bailey, who has made dozens of public and television appearances throughout his glamorous career.

dr.a.g. is a stunning piece of artwork itself, and a must-have for any fan of Drag or performance art. Each performer has been carefully styled and photographed by top-name photographers. A proven conversation starter, dr.a.g. inspires creativity and expresses love for one of the world’s most provocative modern art forms.

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Alexander Ryll
Alexander Ryll