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In the documentary, Bridegroom, Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom are young gay lovers who intend to marry under the California same-sex marriage law.  However, a tragic accident kills Tom and leaves Shane alone and mourning.  The film follows Shane in the aftermath of Tom’s death.  Deprived of legal rights and protections offered by traditional marriage, Shane struggles through miles of red tape while still mourning his lover of 6 years.

Bridegroom recaps the ups and downs of Shane and Tom’s 6-year relationship through archived footage and interviews.  The ultimate culmination of Shane’s experience is when Tom’s family refuses to allow Shane to participate in the funeral of his passed love, literally adding insult to injury.



“Without forcing the material into facile uplift, Bloodworth-Thomason still edges it into the realm of inspirational, never overplaying the anguish or soft-pedaling the bigotry at the heart of the story. ”
Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

“What Bridegroom celebrates is not simply gay rights; it’s the human spirit. ”
   David DeWitt, The New York Times

“Despite the pain, sadness and vast emotional upheaval depicted here, Bridegroom is also a movie filled with hope and passion, dignity and pride, and many stirring pockets of joy.”
   Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

We Say:
“I’m probably in the minority here when I say I felt quite angry through most of this documentary. When I read through reviews and emotional feedback I had my tissues at the ready, but I think with myself being in a long term relationship and also from a deeply religious background, I found myself reacting in a mental survival mode. I sent a tweet to Shane after watching Bridegroom and I thank him for sharing his story and expressed my sorrow for his loss. Despite my anger at the circumstances, Bridegroom is an eternal tribute from Shane to Thomas, pure love.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Inspired by Shane Bitney Crone’s short YouTube film, It Could Happen to You, the project Bridegroom was crowd-funded through Kickstarter and extensive use of social media networks.  Raising over $384,000, the project broke records as the most-funded documentary project in the history of crowdfunding.

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