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Written and directed by Thomas Bezucha, the 2000 film Big Eden follows the touching story of an up and coming artist who takes the opportunity to embrace and explore his sexuality during an unexpected visit to his childhood home.  A worthy debut for the director, the story follows a man named Henry, who is an artist in Manhattan.  On the eve of his biggest gallery opening at the esteemed Whitney Museum, Henry learns that his grandfather’s health has taken a turn for the worse.  Henry decides to return to Big Eden, Montana to care for his ailing grandfather.  During his visit, however, Henry finds that he must address his relationship with Dean Stewart, his best friend from high school, whom he was attracted to.  Meanwhile, the town’s general store owner, Pike, begins to fall in love with Henry.

Big Eden

Openly gay director and screenwriter Thomas Bezucha was born on March 8, 1964 in Massachusetts.  Growing up outside of Boston, Bezucha attended Amherst Regionla High School, in Amherst, MA.  The young Bezucha pursued a career in the fashion industry, moving to New York as a young adult in order to make his mark on the world.  After spending ten years with Polo/Ralph Lauren, Bezucha attained the position of Director of Creative Services, and later, Vice President of Creative Services at Coach.

In 2000, however, Bezucha took a risk and wrote his first screenplay.  After finding a producer who would support the project, Bezucha’s Big Eden received attention among the gay community and Bezucha caught the attention of Variety magazine.  The fashion designed turned writer and director went on to deliver two more films in the 2000’s.

After spending over a decade working in the fashion industry in New York, Thomas Bezucha embraced his passion and wrote his first screenplay.  The project was Big Eden, a touching gay themed story about love and mending the past.  After securing funding, Bezucha directed Big Eden and uncovered a new career for himself.

Bezucha’s next film was 2005’s The Family Stone, a romantic comedy with a star-studded cast that included Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, and Luke Wilson.  Experiencing additional success, Bezucha teamed up with actress and singer Selena Gomez on the 2011 film Monte Carlo.

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