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Strangers on a Train

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Strangers On A Train

Based on Patricia Highsmith’s homonymous book, Strangers on a Train is a crime thriller that was shot in the fall of 1950. Directed by none other than “The Master of Suspense”, this Alfred Hitchcock classic stars Robert Walker and Farley Granger and is not a gay-themed motion picture per se. However, the film is rife with homosexual undertones, focusing on the disorderly relationship between an amateur tennis player and a mischievous playboy.

Rites of Passage

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage released in 1999 and directed by Victor Salva is a psychological thriller. When a lawyer and his father take a trip to their isolated family cabin, they discover their estranged gay sibling and an unexpected appearance from two escaped convicts. The gay-themed film stars Dean Stockwell, Jason Behr and Robert Glen Keith.

Walk On Water

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Walk On Water (ללכת על המים)

Released in 2004 and directed by Eytan Fox, Walk on Water follows an Israeli intelligence agent after his wife commits suicide, and his assignment with the grandchildren of Nazi war criminals. Filmed in multiple locations including Israel, Turkey and Germany, the film stars Lior Ashkenazi, and was awarded Best Film, Director and Actor at the Awards of the Israeli Film Academy.

Lose Your Head

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Lose Your Head

Released in 2013 and directed by Stefan Westerwelle and Patrick Schuckmann, Lose Your Head is a genre-bending picture of a young man trying to get over a breakup in Berlin, and eventually getting sucked into a spiralling array of mysterious events. Shot on location in Berlin, the film stars Fernando Tielve and Marko Mandic.

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