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A Dog Barking at the Moon

Gay Essential Review: A Dog Barking at the Moon (再見南屏晚鐘) at Outfest

A Dog Barking at the Moon was this year’s winner of Berlin’s Teddy award, and will be continuing its festival run at this year’s Outfest. The sheer bravery that led to this singular art film getting made, even lying to the Chinese censorship board about the subject matter in order to secure necessary funding, shows how passionate Xiang Zi was about sharing her story, warts and all.

The Far Side of the Moon

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Far Side Of The Moon (La Face Cachée De La Lune)

Written, directed, starring, and based on a play by Robert Lepage, The Far Side of the Moon is a curious and semi-autobiographical story of interrelatedness and bodies drifting in space. This film is a wry and visually breath-taking comedy about narcissism, love, and loss.

Love Blooms

Gay Essential Opinion: Love Blooms (L’amour Debout)

Love Blooms, is a lowkey drama that could be best described as a post-coming of age film. After their first love has died out with a whimper, we follow two characters who have to confront their adult lives on their own for the first time, and navigate a city where they have both moved in order to get a fresh start.

My Straight Son

Gay Essential Films To Watch, My Straight Son (Azul y no tan rosa)

The 2012 drama My Straight Son follows the story of Diego, a creative and successful photographer who is in the middle of enjoying his life of excess and high fashion. A tragic turn of events puts his lover in a coma, just as his son, Armando, is sent to live with him.


Gay Essential Review: Roobha at London Indian Film Festival

Canadian-Tamil writer-director Lenin Sivam tells a provocative story about identity with Roobha. The story combines elements of a specific subculture with themes of sexuality and personal yearning.

I Am Happiness on Earth

Gay Essential Films To Watch, I Am Happiness on Earth (Yo soy la felicidad de este mundo)

An innovative piece of cinematography, I Am Happiness on Earth is the story of Emiliano, viewing his own life through the eyes of a filmmaker. Emiliano becomes obsessed with a dancer from one of his dance films, and begins to objectify his own obsession through the lens of his own life.


Gay Essential Review: Beanpole (Дылда) at Cannes Film Festival

It may be surprising to see a Russian film nominated for the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, especially considering the country’s deeply conservative laws that effectively stop the financing of any films with LGBT themes. But director Kantemir Balagov, in just his second feature, has made something far more ambiguous, and dripping in queer subtext; a haunting tale of repressed emotion in the aftermath of the Second World War, where the conflicting desires of two women leads to a miserable, quasi-abusive relationship masquerading as a friendship.

Bangkok Love Story

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Bangkok Love Story (เพื่อน…กูรักมึงว่ะ)

The Thai crime drama Bangkok Love Story (เพื่อน…กูรักมึงว่ะ) combines murder and passion when a hired assassin fails to kill his target, but rather, falls deeply in love with him. This film premiered on opening night of the 2007 Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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