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Sean Penn

Essential Film Stars, Sean Penn

Born in August of 1960, Sean Penn is an award-winning actor, producer, and director from Santa Monica, CA. Long recognized as a strong lead actor, Penn’s career spans decades and is highlighted by awards and distinctive honours. Penn hails from a family of talented actors and musicians, appearing in the film At Close Range with his brother, Chris Penn, and mother, Eileen Ryan. Sean Penn’s father is Leo Penn, a famous actor and director. His older brother, Michael Penn, is a talented musician.

Hugh Grant

Essential Film Stars, Hugh Grant

Born in 1960, Hugh Grant is an award-winning actor hailing from London, UK. Grant grew up in Hammersmith, attending upper school on a scholarship. An accomplished athlete, Grant played rugby, cricket, and football, in addition to achieving high academic honors. In 1979, Grant won a scholarship to Oxford, where he studied English literature and joined the Oxford University Dramatic Society more so as a hobby.

Tim Curry

Essential Film Stars, Tim Curry

Possessing much natural talent, Tim Curry is an accomplished singer and actor, starring in both the theatre and cinema. Born in Cheshire, England, Curry is the son of a Royal Navy chaplain and a school secretary. His career began in the theatre, after graduating with honours in Drama and English from Cambridge and Birmingham Universities. Curry worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and enjoyed many lead roles in both the London and New York theatre scenes.

Glen Berry

Essential Film Stars, Glen Berry

A former British actor, Glen Berry was born on April 21, 1978 in Romford, Essex. In 1993, Berry embraced the opportunity to attend the Anna Scher Theatre School in London. The community school, founded by Anna Scher, is best known for teaching improvisation and “natural delivery” techniques, of which the young Glen Berry benefited greatly.

Steve Sandvoss

Essential Film Stars, Steve Sandvoss

Born Stephen James Sandvoss, Steve Sandvoss is a former American actor from New York City, New York. After studying Chinese with a focus on international business, Sandvoss changed his focus to poetry. A graduate of Harvard University, Sandvoss starred in a variety of theatre performances during his early career. His first significant role was as a football player in the NBC television drama American Dreams. Sandvoss went on to star in additional television roles, also landing the role of Aaron Davis in the 2003 film Latter Days.

Heath Ledger

Essential Film Stars, Heath Ledger

In the provocative drama, Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger plays Ennis Del Mar, one of two cowboys who embark on a secret love relationship that lasts throughout their lives. Paired with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ledger’s Ennis Del Mar is a quiet camp tender who takes a job atop Brokeback Mountain in rural Wyoming.

Trevor Wright

Essential Film Stars, Trevor Wright

Born August 23, 1982, Trevor Christopher Wright is a Los Angeles based actor and model best known for his award-winning role as Zach in the movie Shelter, written and directed by Jonah Markowitz.  This defining role earned Wright the Best Male Lead award at the Dallas Out Takes festival, as well as Best Actor and Audience Award at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Essential Film Stars, River Phoenix

Born in Oregon, River Phoenix was an actor, musician, and political activist who tragically passed away at a young age. Describing his parents as “hippie-ish,” Phoenix and his siblings lived much of their early lives in poverty, as their mother and father had joined the Children of God religious movement. Their father had become “Archbishop of Venezuela and the Caribbean,” but the family was offered no financial support of any kind. As a result, River Phoenix would often play music on the street, begging for money from passers-by.

Ohad Knoller

Essential Film Stars, Ohad Knoller

As a young boy growing up in Israel, Ohad Knoller attended the Thelma Yellin high school in Tel Aviv. Drawn towards television and film at an early age, Knoller made his first television appearance at the age of 14, starring in an Israeli TV show. By age 18, Knoller had landed his first feature film role, but then put his acting career on hold in order to complete his mandatory military service in Israel.

Andersen Gabrych

Essential Film Stars, Andersen Gabrych

Actor and writer Andersen “Ande” Gabrych’s breakout role came as Rod in the gay coming of age drama, Edge of Seventeen. Delivering a compelling performance as a homosexual college student, Gabrych received opportunities to appear in other gay themed films, including Another Gay Movie, Boys Life 4: Four Play, and the goth drama Gypsy 83.

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