Daddy Issues

Gay Essential Opinion: Daddy Issues

There’s an engagingly dreamy tone to this offbeat queer romantic comedy, continually wrong-footing the audience as the plot twists and turns around complex, likeable characters. Daddy Issues has a tone that’s refreshingly natural, as director Amara Cash infuses the film with real-life awkwardness.


Mankind, Gay Essential talks to Layke Anderson

Layke Anderson’s latest gripping, poetic short film, Mankind, ambitiously juxtaposes domestic drama and science fiction. It revolves around a couple, Will and Evan, as they experience a crisis, the source of which appears to have something to do with a mysterious journey to Mars.


Gay Essential Review: Socrates at BFI Flare

There’s a strikingly realistic tone to this Brazilian drama, pulling the audience into the experiences of a teen who is being squeezed in from all sides. Socrates was created in a workshop of young people between the ages of 16 and 20, and it’s the feature debut of Brazilian-American filmmaker Alexandre Moratto.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Redwoods

Written and directed by David Lewis, the 2009 film Redwoods is a melodramatic story of one man contemplating having an affair, set against the backdrop of the breathtakingly beautiful California Redwood Forest. This film stars Brendan Bradley, Tad Coughenour, and Matthew Montgomery.

The Skin of the Teeth

Gay Essential Opinion: The Skin Of The Teeth

As far as first dates go, you’d struggle to think of any that are worse than this. Josef arrives at the lavish apartment where John lives. The pair had met before and agreed to a date, but Josef was too wasted to remember the specifics – a detail that becomes insignificant due to the mounting awkwardness that envelops their evening.


Gay Essential Opinion: Marilyn

Marilyn is based on a true story, but tries its hardest not to transform into reductive misery porn, or emotional exploitation. It offers an intimate look at the life of a queer teenager figuring out their identity in a small town, acknowledging the (often violent) hostility they would face, while still acknowledging the expected identity crisis that is teenage life beyond these harrowing moments.

This Spring

Gay Essential Opinion: This Spring (Au printemps tu verras)

Filmmaker Wim Wenders once famously said, “The camera is a weapon against the tragedy of things, against their disappearing.” By virtue of association, filmmaking can be seen as an act of preservation. All throughout This Spring (Au printemps tu verras), there is a constant reference to the passing of time, the importance of memories and the importance of remembering.

Killing Patient Zero

Essential Opinion: Killing Patient Zero

We all are aware of the phrase “Patient Zero”, but the man who would be identified under this damning codename has become increasingly forgotten over time. Named in journalist Randy Shilts’ influential non fiction tome And the Band Played On, which finally brought the AIDS conversation into the mainstream several years after its first reported outbreak, a French-Canadian flight attendant named Gaetan Dugas was widely believed to be the first person who brought the disease to the USA and around the world.

Fruit Fly

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Fruit Fly

As his directorial debut, H. P Mendoza wrote, directed, and composed the soundtrack for the 2009 film Fruit Fly. Set in Mendoza’s home of San Francisco, this musical tells the story of a young Filipina performing in gay bars as she searches for her birth parents.

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