Gay Essential Films To Watch, Kaboom

Kaboom is a sci-fi story set around a group of college students and their sexual adventures. The film was both written and directed by Gregg Araki, and was released in 2010. Thomas Dekker, Juno Temple and James Duval are among the stars in the film.

Good Kisser

Gay Essential Opinion: Good Kisser

Jenna and Kate are a couple in quiet crisis; after almost two years together, their initial spark has faded, to be replaced by light bickering and passive aggressiveness. In the hope of brightening up their sex lives, Kate arranges a threesome with the effortlessly sexy, ridiculously cool Mia – but the cracks in this fraught relationship only deepen as Jenna discovers that the situation is not entirely as it first seems.

Label Me

Gay Essential Opinion: Label Me

Outside of documentaries, the Syrian refugee crisis is yet to become a major subject in arthouse cinema, but its impact is beginning to be keenly felt by LGBT filmmakers. People arriving from a country with a hostile attitude towards gay people can find themselves struggling to fit in when arriving in a more welcoming environment, feeling displaced from the community in which they belong due to having to hide who they are for so long.

Monster Pies

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Monster Pies

Released in 2013, Monster Pies is a film written and directed by Lee Galea. The film was awarded the Winner of Audience Choice Award for Best Feature at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2013. Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan star in this coming-of-age film set in the 90s in Melbourne.


Gay Essential Review: Cubby at Outfest

Fans of the unrelenting absurdism of Tim Robinson’s Netflix series I Think You Should Leave will be delighted to hear that an offbeat counterpart is currently making its way around the LGBTQ festival circuit. Cubby, the directorial debut of writer and star Mark Blane, is a distinctively queer spin on a comedic archetype largely reserved for straight protagonists: the man-baby who shirks adult responsibility at every opportunity, never ceasing to view the world through naive eyes.

Tu Me Manques

Opinión Esencial Gay: Tu Me Manques

Tu me manques es una de las pocas películas de habla hispana, que no se enfoca en la ignorancia de muchos hacia la comunidad LGBTQ, sino, en la transformación humana y de cómo el ser humano tiene el potencial de cambiar mediante el poder que es la conexión humana.

Tell No One

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Tell No One (Come non detto)

Released in 2012, Tell No One (Come non detto) is an Italian romantic comedy directed by Ivan Silvestrini. The film is based on a novel with the same name penned by Roberto Proia. The film stars Josafat Vagni and Jose Dammert, and tells the story of a young man who struggles to tell his family that he is gay.

Last Summer

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Last Summer

Set in rural Arkansas, Last Summer presents a classic “last summer before college” love story between two young men. Jonah (Sean Rose) and Luke (Samuel Pettit) are high school sweethearts who sense the end of their relationship is at hand as Jonah prepares to leave for college.

The Garden Left Behind

Gay Essential Opinion: The Garden Left Behind

The film follows Tina, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who has spent the vast majority of her life in the United States. Living with her grandmother, Tina is hoping to raise the money for the next step in her transition, while dealing with a long term boyfriend who appears embarrassed to be seen with her in public. Elsewhere, the film tackles important themes such as violence against trans women, and the normalised prejudice against the community.

Dream On

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Dream On

Released in June 2013, Dream On is a film written and directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. It is Eyre-Morgan’s directorial debut. The film is a coming-of-age story and is set in the summers of 1988/9 in remote Wales, and stars Bragley Cross, Joe Gosling, Emily Spowage and Janet Bamford.

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