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Gay Essential Review: Roobha at London Indian Film Festival

Canadian-Tamil writer-director Lenin Sivam tells a provocative story about identity with Roobha. The story combines elements of a specific subculture with themes of sexuality and personal yearning.

Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

Gay Essential Opinion: Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

From the restless mind of master filmmaker Werner Herzog, this documentary traces the life of writer-adventurer Bruce Chatwin. The men were close friends for several years before Chatwin’s death in 1989, at which point he gave Herzog his beloved leather rucksack.


Tucked, Gay Essential Talks to Jamie Patterson

Born and raised in Brighton, filmmaker Jamie Patterson certainly hasn’t let budgetary restrictions slow him down: at the age of 33, he has already made 15 feature films. Tucked is 12th film, the first to have UK distribution. A gently charming comedy-drama about an unlikely friendship between two drag artists, the film resists being put into boxes. But it is connecting strongly with viewers.

Daddy Issues

Gay Essential Opinion: Daddy Issues

There’s an engagingly dreamy tone to this offbeat queer romantic comedy, continually wrong-footing the audience as the plot twists and turns around complex, likeable characters. Daddy Issues has a tone that’s refreshingly natural, as director Amara Cash infuses the film with real-life awkwardness.


Gay Essential Review: Socrates at BFI Flare

There’s a strikingly realistic tone to this Brazilian drama, pulling the audience into the experiences of a teen who is being squeezed in from all sides. Socrates was created in a workshop of young people between the ages of 16 and 20, and it’s the feature debut of Brazilian-American filmmaker Alexandre Moratto.

Gay Essential Review: The Blond One (Un Rubio) at BFI Flare

Over five features, from Plan B (2009) to Taekwondo (2016), Argentine writer-director Marco Berger has sensitively explored the blurred lines between sexuality and machismo in Latin society. His latest feature, The Blond One (Un Rubio), continues this theme with real insight and artistry.

No Chocolate, No Rice

Essential Opinion: No Chocolate, No Rice

Being a micro-budget comedy, this film requires a bit of effort from the audience to overcome some technical issues, but the story and characters strong enough to make it worth a look. Available online, No Chocolate, No Rice is a lively gay movie that touches on a range of bigger issues even as it keeps viewers laughing.


Gay Essential Review: Silvana at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Silvana, is sharply filmed with close-up camerawork that makes the most of the musician’s confrontational activism as well as her personal connections. Blonde, slim and deliberately queer, she certainly challenges the stereotype of an activist hip-hop artist.

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