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Mixed Kebab

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Mixed Kebab

Mixed Kebab is a Belgian drama that examines the crossroads between gay and straight, and modern and traditional Muslim lifestyles. Cultures clash as a closeted gay Muslim man must face the prospect of an arranged traditional marriage. Written and directed by Guy Lee Thys, this film stars Cam Akkenat, Simon Van Buyten, and Gamze Tazim.

My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Essential Opinion: My Big Gay Italian Wedding (Puoi Baciare Lo Sposo)

Homophobia is not the only obstacle to Italian same-sex weddings in Alessandro Genovesi’s latest romantic comedy. Based on the well-known Broadway play, the feel-good film reveals the many hurdles of a homosexual couple that wants to fully commit. Emphasis is placed not so much on the legal and social issues that endanger their marriage, but rather on the hazards of their comical adventure as they make their way to the ceremony.

The Way He Looks

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho)

The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) is a touching Brazilian drama written by director Daniel Ribeiro. The film follows a young blind teenager as he struggles to live a more independent life despite the disappointment this causes his best friend and his mother. When a new boy comes to town, however, he reconsiders his plans.

Men To Kiss

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Men To Kiss (Männer zum Knutschen)

This romance film is centred on a gay couple whose relationship is under attack by an old friend. Directed by Robert Hasfogel, the comedy was released in 2012 and stars Frank Christian Marx, Udo Lutz and Alexandra Starnitzky. Men To Kiss (Männer zum Knutschen) was co-written by Marcus Lachmann, Frank Christian Marx and André Schneider.

Beyond the Walls

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Beyond the Walls (Hors les murs)

Beyond the Walls was filmed in Belgium and released in 2012. Directed by David Lambert, The film is a drama telling the story of two lovers Ilir and Paolo. The film won the People Award at Paris Lesbian Film Festival, with Best Performance going to stars Matila Malliarakis and Guillaume Gouix.

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