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Raging Sun, Raging Sky

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo)

The 2009 release, Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo), is a lush and artistic project by Mexican writer and director Julián Hernández. Composed of three distinct acts, this film is a rich visual tale of love, sexuality, and destiny, starring Giullermo Villegas, Jorge Becerra, and Javier Olivan.


Small But Perfectly Formed, BFI Flare Shorts Our Highlights

From kitschy ballroom dance classes to world-renowned concert pianists, to the lavish and colourful Carnival festival, this year’s BFI Flare collection really gets the body moving. Never failing to delight, the 2019 collection of short films presents a wide variety of stories from across the globe, guaranteed to provoke thought, crack smiles, and perhaps draw out a tear or two.

American Translation

Gay Essential Films To Watch, American Translation

American Translation is a French film co-directed by Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr. The film follows a stunningly handsome young man and his American lover as they travel the French countryside, pursuing young male prostitutes for sadistic thrills, while managing to evade the local police inspector.

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