Latter-Day Glory

Essential Opinion: Latter-Day Glory

Latter-Day Glory covers some heavy topics, but ultimately puts forth a hopeful message. It showcases the importance of Mormon LGBT youth having a supportive environment and how finding an accepting community can help individuals recover from chronic feelings of shame.

Men To Kiss

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Men To Kiss (Männer zum Knutschen)

This romance film is centred on a gay couple whose relationship is under attack by an old friend. Directed by Robert Hasfogel, the comedy was released in 2012 and stars Frank Christian Marx, Udo Lutz and Alexandra Starnitzky. Men To Kiss (Männer zum Knutschen) was co-written by Marcus Lachmann, Frank Christian Marx and André Schneider.

My Best Friend

Essential Opinion: My Best Friend (Mi Mejor Amigo)

Being in the closet is a terrifying experience; the worry that the world is going to end if anybody finds our your secret, so you micro-manage your behaviour so as to not leave a trace of your true identity. We’ve seen plenty of films about teenage characters dealing with this seemingly drastic situation – My Best Friend comes to the same situation from a different angle altogether, realising that coming out isn’t necessarily the definitive coming of age experience for LGBT youth.

In Bloom

Gay Essential Films To Watch, In Bloom

Released in 2013, In Bloom follows the relationship of a young couple from Boystown Chicago, that have been together for two years. The drama film stars Tanner Rittenhouse, Kyle Wigent and Adam Fane. It was written and directed by Chris Michael Birkemier.

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