Steam Room Stories

Steam Room Stories, Gay Essential Talks to J.C. Calciano

Comedy has always been one of the most effective ways of manifesting representation in storytelling, as well as offering people with an opportunity to laugh away the sorrows. It is also Calciano’s favourite way of expressing his own creativity through cinema. His first fiction feature directorial effort, Is It Just Me? came in 2010, and it was closely followed by eCupid (2011) and The 10 Year Plan (2014). 2010 was another landmark year for his artistic output, as it marked the beginning of his work on a certain long-lasting cult web series.

Tu Me Manques

Opinión Esencial Gay: Tu Me Manques

Tu me manques es una de las pocas películas de habla hispana, que no se enfoca en la ignorancia de muchos hacia la comunidad LGBTQ, sino, en la transformación humana y de cómo el ser humano tiene el potencial de cambiar mediante el poder que es la conexión humana.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Hawaii

Hawaii is an Argentinian romance from 2013, from writer and director Marco Berger. Starring Manuel Vignau and Mateo Chiarino and set in rural Argentina, it tells the story of two childhood friends from different social classes, who meet as adults, renew their friendship, and start to develop a new relationship.

Naked As We Came

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Naked As We Came

The award-winning film Naked As We Came, written and directed by Richard LeMay, is a family drama that tells of love and loss, and the struggle for strength and courage of a tormented family. The film premiered in New York in 2012 and stars Ryan Vigilant, Karmine Alers, and Ben Weaver.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Test

Set at the height of the HIV AIDS epidemic, Test tells the story of young men in a professional San Francisco dance company, learning to adjust to life and love at a time when the first HIV test is being released to the public.

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