WIN Land Of Storms (Viharsarok) on DVD

WIN Land Of Storms on DVD

A coming of age drama, 2014’s Land of Storms explores the search for sexual identity in a world where homophobia still reigns.  The film addresses the issue of homosexuality amidst the fears of stigmatization and marginalization that are very much alive in modern-day Hungary.

“The film was born when I found an interesting crime story in the newspaper about a love triangle.  It was set in the Hungarian countryside, so I could talk about the Hungarian countryside and talk about gay issues in the hardest place to do it,” explains the director.  Land of Storms (Viharsarok) is a search for identity.  Szabolcs is looking for his roots, but wants to change his life at the same time.  When he and Áron fall in love they don’t talk about it, because in the Hungarian countryside people don’t know how to talk about it.” Read our interview with Ádám Császi

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